Friday, October 17, 2014

10 Awesome Things About Being Pregnant

Although pregnancy comes with some unwanted aches and pains and mood swings, there are some pretty great things about being pregnant too. Here are a few of them that I've found:

1. People are nicer to you

People open doors for you. They help you carry your groceries. They smile at you when you walk past. You get some special treatment when you are pregnant. I think that people understand that growing a baby is hard work and they are nicer to you for it.

2. You don't have to worry about having a flat stomach

Got a little pooch? Who cares! Baby bumps are cute. Let that belly hang out!

3. You can go to bed early and sleep in and not feel guilty

Do you want to go to bed at 10:00 pm? How about 8:00 pm? That's fine! Your body needs more rest during pregnancy. Sleeping in is usually not feasible for most people because of school or work, but if you can sleep in, do it! You lucky duck, you.

4. You can have a meltdown and people will understand 

Your hormones go whacko when you're pregnant. It's ok to cry, even about nonsensical things like you have to wear real pants that day.

5. You can eat pretty much anything and not feel guilty

Cravings are REAL. Three years ago, in Canada, I had this cake called “Poor Mans Pudding”. It was the perfect concoction of moist, gooey, mapley deliciousness. Even though I had it three years ago I was craving it so bad yesterday! So I made it and ate almost half of it.  Do I feel guilty about it? No. And neither should you. You need extra calories.

6. Baby kicks

I just started feeling the baby move about a week ago and it is my FAVORITE thing. It’s just reassuring to know that it’s still alive in there. For your first few months all you have is sickness and hormones to tell you that something’s going on in there but when you feel the baby kick it all becomes so much more real.

7. Baby Stuff

I'm convinced that baby clothes are the cutest things known to mankind besides babies themselves. I haven’t started shopping for my little one because I don’t know the gender yet, but I’m really excited to be able to in a few weeks!

8. You feel completely justified in wearing stretchy pants all day

Who wants to wear jeans when your tummy is constantly getting bigger? Not me. Not anyone.

9. Parties!

You get to have a party for your baby! You can even have two parties if you’re into the whole gender reveal thing. The best thing about baby showers is that usually someone throws it for you. How nice!

10. You're growing a human being inside you

The best part about being pregnant is knowing that you are growing a child inside you and in just 9 short months you will be able to meet that child and be its mommy forever.

What is/was your favorite part about being pregnant?


  1. I agree with all of these. Most people are nice to you in public with a baby too, as long as they're not crying haha.

  2. I let a cute mom cut in front of me in line at the store yesterday. She is having her first baby and I couldn't bear to see her holding her groceries while she waited in line. Glad to hear that people are being kind to you!

  3. I still remember being treated like royalty when people found out I was pregnant with triplets. I felt a little embarrassed with all of the attention. My advice to you is to enjoy the pampering and kindnesses. It's your turn! Someday you can be the one to offer help and be kind to a cute pregnant mom like yourself!