Saturday, October 25, 2014

Why I Want To Find Out The Gender of My Baby

Yesterday, I got the saddest news. Ok, it was my fault, but it's still sad. I have to wait ANOTHER week to find out the baby's sex. I was SO excited beyond belief to finally get to know if I was having a baby boy or a baby girl on Wednesday, but I had to reschedule. The only openings they had where both Robby and I could be there was next THURSDAY. Sob story. I know. Here's why I want to find out the gender so bad.

1. I have a cute idea for the gender reveal
2. I want to start buying, or at least looking at baby clothes
3. I want to start thinking of names
4. I want to stop calling the baby "it"
5. I want to start reading up on raising a boy or a girl so I don't screw something up
6. I want to start making things for it like headbands or a mobile for the crib

Kudos to you if you're the type of person to wait till the baby is born to find out the gender. That would take a lot of willpower. I don't have that kind of willpower. Waiting another week is painful enough.

I read this blog post once about how not finding out the gender saves a ton of money. It was awesome! It was so true! It made the point that if you just buy all gender-neutral things then you can use the same things for all of your kids, instead of having to buy both boy things and girl things. It makes sense. But, I'm not going that route. Here's why. I've wanted to be a mom for my whole life. I just want to revel in a savor every experience a mom can have, and that includes all the pink, girl frills of having a baby girl and all the cute blue sailboats or little zoo animals of having a boy. So, countdown begins. There are 12 more days till we get to know if I'm having a baby boy or a baby girl!


  1. Here's hoping your ultrasound will reveal the gender as obviously as ours did!