Thursday, October 30, 2014

The REAL Symptoms of Pregnancy

Feeling a little queasy? Wondering if you're pregnant? You could go to the store and buy a pregnancy test and find out if you're pregnant pretty easily. Or, you could take a look at these symptoms and see if they fit how you're feeling.

You know you're in your first trimester when...
  • Crackers become your main staple of food
  • You become very acquainted with the toilet/ sink/ bowl/ garbage can/ neighbors bushes
  • Your bed becomes your best friend
  • Your couch becomes your second best friend
  • You can't even go on Pinterest because pictures of food grosses you out
  • Water has a weird taste
  • You can smell stinky breath from across the room
  • Meat becomes a taboo subject
  • Showering becomes optional
If these symptoms apply to you, you're probably pregnant. 

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