Saturday, October 11, 2014

How I Found Out I Was Pregnant

      Pregnancy has been awkward since day one. My husband totally called that I was pregnant before it was official…possibly because I was a little moody. Just a little bit.

It was kind of like this:

Or this:

      I didn’t believe him at all but I took a pregnancy test anyway. I wasn’t expecting it to be positive but it WAS! I’ll spare you the details of the pregnancy test (it’s like a weird science experiment). So there I was sitting in disbelief over these two lines. My heart is beating super fast and I think, “I should probably tell my husband”.

     It was about 7 in the morning so he was still sleeping. Did that deter me? No. So my poor husband (he's awesome) is sound asleep and this crazy lady climbs on top of him and starts waving this little plastic USP looking thing above his head. Naturally he’s like, “What in the world?” And then I start babbling about two lines and positive and babies. Finally he interprets my babbling and figures out what I’m saying and I get a sleepy, “Yaaay.” Good enough for me! And then I run off to school with a big smile on my face.

     That is the story of how I first found out I was pregnant. What was your story like?


  1. I suspected I was pregnant due to a gurgly/nauseous stomach and extremely unusual exhaustion that lasted for a week. I was half hoping it was pregnancy, just so I would know what was wrong with my body. I bought the fastest-results pregnancy test I could find at the drugstore (less than 1 minute!) because I hate to wait. Coincidentally, I ended up taking the pregnancy test on Mother's Day...I promise it wasn't planned. My husband was thrilled and I was slightly terrified, overwhelmed, and nervous.

    1. I remember that day! You were so happy :)

  2. Which time? With Acacia I knew when I would wake up, roll over, puke THEN grt out of bed. Michiko was a CONSTANT craving for chocolate combined with morning nausea & Tennessee was two skipped periods. First skipped one I chalked up to stress, second I got checked. Ms. Iszie was a late period and paranoia from tracking my cycles for eight months using I hyperventilated, panicked and paced. Then I texted her dad that we needed to talk.